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Signs and your business

A commercial sign is any kind of physical display containing text or images that you use to communicate the brand of your business to your customers. Signs come in many shapes and sizes — from countertop displays to highway billboards — and generally feature your business name and/or logo. They are often used outside of buildings to direct people in from the street. Inside your place of business, signs help customers navigate, and let them know more about your offerings.

What can signs do for your business?

Signs perform a number of communication functions

* Build and reinforce your brand

A sign helps people remember your business name and what you have to offer. With a variety of signs or designs, you can target different groups of potential customers, and reinforce your brand with repeat customers.

* Attract new customers

In order to grow your business and increase profits, you must continually attract new customers. It is important that your sign gives a good sense of what your business is selling. You can include things like your telephone number or website address so that people who do not have time to stop can still contact you. You may also want to add current promotions, events, or contests to signs that are easily changed or updated.

* Create impulse sales

People often look for what’s convenient first. If your sign is the one that stands out, you will be the one who gets their business first.

* Provide directions

Signs are especially helpful if your business is not in a high-traffic area. Signs can also be used inside your business to let people know where they can find the things they’re looking for, and alert them to specials, events, etc.

In order to communicate effectively, a sign must be noticeable and readable. It should be large enough to be seen at a distance, whether you are attracting pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Jennuine Signs looks forward to assisting you with your advertizing needs.

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